Our projects.

Parallel logo

A 3D puzzle game with interesting game mechanics. You play as a guy who needs to get home, but you discover that you are not in your normal world...

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BeWidgets logo

Make your desktop look better with custom widgets! Change widget colors, usage and more, with a modern look and an easy to use user interface inspired by Windows 11. Available on the Microsoft Store right now!

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application (os)
PavlOS logo

PavlOS is a safe operating system without a BIOS so it works like an application on Windows. In PavlOS you've got everything you need, including a good looking and a easy to learn UI, and if you are missing something, just code your own app in JSON! Every app in PavlOS is made with JSON.

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The Valley
The Valley logo

The Valley is a survival sandbox game, inspired by Minecraft and Trove. You can explore an infinite world, battle, craft, build and many more things - the only limit is your imagination! Multiplayer for this game is on its way!

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web app
Linkify logo

Linkify is our very own URL shortener, that's super fast and safe. It also comes with an easy to use Link creator!

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discord bot
Anatis logo

Our Discord bot (in development)

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BeMusic logo

BeMusic is our simple music player, that's simmilar to Windows Media Player, but with a nicer design and a much easier to use User Interface!

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BeDrive logo

BeDrive is a free fast file explorer with many functions. You can do many things with your data: creating files or directories, compressing files into ZIP archives and much more! You can also use it as your normal file explorer.

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BePaint logo

BePaint is a photoshop-like tool for painting images, sketches and more! You can then convert your painting into one of many formats like .png, .jpg, .ico, .tiff and others.

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File Explorer
console application
File Explorer logo

File Explorer is an open source project. You can use this application as your default file browser! It is a fully functional file explorer. It works like your normal file explorer - explore files, create files, read files, encrypt files, run apps and more!

Brush My Teeth
Brush My Teeth logo

In this game you need to brush your teeth while avoiding the brush to collide with dirt. Yep, this game isn't normal 😅

BeXCool Documents
BeXCool Documents logo

BeXCool Documents is a text editor that allows you to do so many things, including writing documents, changing text size, pasting images and much more.

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